After providing thousands of dollars in charitable donations over the years to many different organisations and directly to people in need.


Members from the Vietnam Veterans & Veterans MC Australia have decided in 2019, to take matters fully into their own hands and focus their charitable work towards a specific group - supporting Partners (and dependants) of "Lost" Veterans.


A Helping Hand was an idea put forward by Russell Oakes (aka T.Rat) and discussed at length with members from the VV&VMC - Gippsland Chapter.


Russell has always wanted to make a difference and support the defence community through philanthropic actions.  Many members of the VV&VMC - Gippsland Chapter are also ex-serving members across all branches of Australia's Defence Force (ADF).


Australia has lost many veterans over the years, leaving behind families to cope and in some cases with difficulty.  These veterans are lost due to being killed during service, later due to suicide, or due to extreme PTSD issues.


We want to help and offer support for the partners (or dependants) of these lost men and women.  We will use our resources wisely to bring maximum impact for this cohort.


And, we aspire to do this with the highest levels of transparency and accountability in all that we do.


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